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Scott O. Hirsch on How Leaders Can Get Buy In for Social Media – Even When It’s Tough

DELRAY BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2020 / Scott O. Hirsch understands that Company-wide social media campaigns don’t have to be hard; Below he shares a few ideas on how to make them easier.

Scott O. Hirsch has plenty of experience starting new ventures and selling innovative marketing ideas to companies. He also understands how difficult it can be to get everyone in the company excited and actively participating on social media projects. However, Hirsch fully believes that social is quickly becoming the driving force that connects all your marketing channels and it can’t be overlooked as a core team strategy. Here are a few tips he shared on getting employees to commit to social-

Explain the Plan

Often, getting staff to buy-in is difficult because people only see one part of the plan, their expected role on social media, without really understanding how it helps or fits into a wider strategy. That’s why it’s important to take time to go through the full plan, explain how social media fits in and how it will drive the end goals of each campaign. Scott O. Hirsch has found that once employees understand that their efforts can really make a difference across many segments of a campaign, they’ll be much more likely to put in solid effort.

Give Examples from Their Social Activity

Most of your team probably already uses social media. Scott O. Hirsch encourages you to leverage that passion and make it relatable! Provide examples of the sort of actions you want them to take on social media based on activities they already do on a daily basis. Show how these simple social media actions can connect with other elements like email campaigns and calls to action to all work together for the benefit of the campaign. In Scott O. Hirsch‘s experience, employees that see real-life examples that fit into their own social media habits will have a much better idea of what to do.

Provide Some Numbers

Sometimes, it’s difficult for people to see just what kind of impact social media has on buyers. Hirsch suggests showing them how important social strategy is with your company’s core metrics. Enormous amounts of research prove that the vast majority of buyers not only use social media, but depend on social networks to ask questions, find out more information, get social proof for the brand, and even buy products directly.

Invoke Your Competitors

If you take a look around, you’ll probably find competitors in your particular sector who are extremely active on social media. Hirsch shares to show your team what competitors are doing well, explain why it’s effective and challenge your staff to find an even stronger idea. Competition breeds creativity and you might be surprised at the creative talent you have in the room.

Scott O. Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in data-driven digital marketing concepts and technologies. He’s been published in Fortune, Forbes, and INC, and is the founder and CEO of the advertising agency Media Direct Inc.

Scott Hirsch

Learning from Common Digital Marketing Mistakes by Scott Hirsch

Scott Hirsch shares lessons learned to shorten the learning curve for fellow Digital Marketing leaders

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 17, 2020 / Finding success in the digital landscape ultimately comes down from learning from your mistakes and growing as an organization. We sat down with former Naviant CEO Scott Hirsch this week to discuss some of the bigger mistakes he’s made over his career and what his team learned from them.

His first golden piece of his advice revolved around continuity within your brand throughout your website and across all of your digital touch-points with consumers-

“So many companies will have a beautiful, professionally developed website that does absolutely nothing for their brand,” said Scott Hirsch in a recent interview, “because it doesn’t drive consumers to take action. Or maybe they do click on a contact form and receive a generic response, without a real person prioritizing that follow up. These mistakes can really add up quickly to make a brand irrelevant.”

Hirsch also talked in length about data in the 21st century and how valuable it can be when used correctly. He explained that you should only collect consumer data when it provides a meaningful insight and is used to improve how your brand communicates to potential customers.

“Your company is probably collecting data on hundreds of online metrics,” added Scott Hirsch, “and the vast majority of businesses aren’t trusting that information as much as they should. That data is your consumers telling you what’s working with your website- it’s literally worth its weight in gold when used properly.”

When asked how data could be used more effectively when building out a brand, Hirsch expanded on his previous thought-

“What if you asked five customers who walked into your business, ‘Hey, what do you think of that yellow wall on the showroom floor?’ And every single one of them replied ‘It’s the ugliest color I’ve ever seen.’ You’d paint the wall a different color, right?”

“Then why wouldn’t you do the exact same thing when data shows a large amount of customers are leaving your site after visiting a product or contact page? It’s the exact same thing,” shared Hirsch.

Scott Hirsch also took some time to talk about other metrics in marketing and how they’re often not used to their fullest potential. He had this to say-

“Every campaign you launch provides user feedback in terms of opens, clicks and conversions,” added Hirsch. “Your job as a marketer is to split test everything to see what your leads prefer, and then you split test the winning split test until you’re way above industry averages. It’s a process that you have to be committed to.”

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Scott Hirsch Sits Down to Discuss Entrepreneurial Success

Scott Hirsch is a Digital Development Evangelist based in Boca Raton, Florida who has created a number of successful startups across the country.

Recently, Scott spoke with us to share insights into the success he’s had as an entrepreneur.

Over his career, Scott Hirsch has been instrumental in helping several people and businesses learn how to utilize digital resources and entrepreneurship to the fullest. He served as the Vice President of Lens Express and launched the company digitally, becoming one the first businesses ever to perform direct online marketing. His success earned Lens Express a spot on the 500 fastest growing private companies by Inc. magazine and led to a series of disruptive startups, including Naviant which sold to Equifax for $135,000,000 in 2002.

Recently, Hirsch shared a few insights to his entrepreneurial success to inspire future entrepreneurs in the digital realm. When asked about the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur, he had this to say:

“That’s an easy answer- learning time management is the toughest aspect. When you’re starting out there will be 10,000 things that require your attention in any given minute. As the CEO, you have to quickly learn to delegate those tasks to the right people or you’ll never get any work done.”

When asked to share what he thought was the most rewarding part about being an entrepreneur, Scott Hirsch replied:

“That’s tough to answer because the answer is going to be different for every entrepreneur- and the answer may vary on each of their projects. For me though, I love to help people and I have a huge amount of pride in seeing how that end product or service changes people’s lives for the better. In some cases, it may take years to reach that point so it ends up being the real payoff.”

Scott also shared this on how to handle your first big meeting with an investor or client:

“The important thing to keep in mind is that as a business, everything you do is solution based. So whenever you walk into a room with someone that may seem intimidating, ask yourself what problem you’re there to solve and what value you can bring to that conversation. Then all that’s left is to present your ideas in a simple, straightforward manner so that other person can easily relate to them.”

For more entrepreneurial advice from Scott, check out his blog on Inc or follow him on Twitter.

Scott Hirsch

Scott Hirsch – A Florida Racquetball Legend On & Off the Courts

Scott Hirsch has served in a number of leadership positions in his career, demonstrating his skills in industries such as marketing, branding, and app development. An avid sportsman, Hirsch has also helped boost recognition of racquetball in his community over the years and has greatly contributed to the sport in South Florida.

Using a stringed racquet and a hollow paddleball, and playing either indoor or outdoor courts, racquetball players are some of the most underrepresented sportsmen and women on the scene. Scott Hirsch has worked to improve the reputation of racquetball in South Florida and beyond and increase its popularity across the country. He’s made landmark contributions to the sport and has earned a high reputation in the world of racquetball, even receiving a nomination into the World Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame.

Outdoor Racquetball

Scott Hirsch is unique in outdoor racquetball,” says Marty Hogan who nominated Hirsch into the Hall of Fame. “He started the Florida WOR One Wall National Championships which is a merit itself and WOR Florida, yet his personal involvement in the sport didn’t stop there. Scott has contributed more to racquetball through sponsorship than anyone in outdoor history and has put money into every indoor and outdoor racquetball event in Florida in the last 20 years without any acknowledgments. He has also sponsored many of the sport’s top players. That is why I am Nominating Scott Hirsch for the [World of Racquetball Hall of Fame].”

Scott Hirsch was instrumental in bringing most of the top pro indoor professional players to the first and future National Outdoor 1-Wall Championships WOR Events. Participating players included Cliff Swain, Sudsy Monchik, Jason Mannino, Chris Crowther, and Ruben Gonzalez. Hirsch ran and sponsored numerous outdoor Florida tournaments long before there was a national organization for it, too. He’s also served as a coach and mentor to many top amateur and professional players since 1990, proving his longtime dedication to the sport.

Indoor Racquetball

Scott Hirsch served as the Founder and National Director of “The Legend’s Tour” (Original Classic Pro Racquetball Tour) from 2001-2006. During this time, he ran over fifty events and raised over $300,000 for national charities. He also founded the First National Paddleball Association (NPA) Outdoor 1 Wall Championships.

He sponsored numerous IRT and LPRT Tier 1 Events, including the Harold McKahand Memorial in 2001 and America’s Cup Racquetball Championship in 2006. He’s a 2-Time Florida State Doubles Champions and was a Regional Champion, Intercollegiate Singles, at Providence University.

“He did everything simply for the good of the game,” said Steve “Bo” Keely. “He supported the USAR Magazine, offered to build the first glass court, silently sponsored many players, and tournaments, brought Sudsy and myself to Florida and started the Legend’s Pro Tour.”

Scott Hirsch is recognized by many as a racquetball legend on and off the courts.

Scott Hirsch

Two time World Heavyweight Champion Shannon Briggs and his former manager Scott Hirsch team up to introduce the ‘Lets Go Champ’ Motivational Brand

Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs, against all odds, has had an incredibly successful career in professional boxing. Teaming up again with Scott Hirsch, the manager that steered Briggs to the WBO World Heavyweight Championship, they are now launching the “Let’s Go Champ!” brand with the goal of inspiring the next generation of champions all across the world.

 Shannon Briggs was born prematurely with numerous health issues including chronic asthma. As a child, Shannon struggled fighting to breathe while often having to fend for himself on the same rough Brownsville, NY streets that spawned fellow champions MikeTyson and Riddick Bowe.

Briggs rose to prominence in boxing by winning 30 of his first 31 professional fights, culminating by capturing the Lineal World Heavyweight Championship in a nationally televised bout with boxing legend George Forman. While Forman’s HBO colleagues tried to dispute Briggs victory, the numbers told a different story. Remarkably over 12 brutal rounds, the less experienced Briggs, who suffered from asthma and a compromised immune system, had landed more power punches than the great George Forman.

Seven years later, the boxing world had given up on underdog Briggs again. Boxing’s two major television networks, HBO &SHOWTIME, both turned their back on Briggs, citing health concerns and potential canceled fights due to Briggs struggles with asthma. Additionally, the major ranking organizations that govern boxing didn’t include the former champ in any of their top ten rankings. At Shannon’s lowest point he teamed up with Scott Hirsch, a renowned marketing executive who also suffered from chronic asthma. Hirsch saw the potential for another championship with the forgotten Briggs.

In less than two years with the backing of Hirsch, Briggs scored 12 consecutive knockouts including a 7 round knockout of Olympic gold medalist and former WBO World Champ Ray Mercer. With that string of knockouts, even the critics couldn’t deny Briggs was now a top contender again. On November 4, 2006, he knocked out Sairhei Liakhovich the 12th round to win the WBO World Heavyweight Championship in front of a sell-out crowd at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona.

During all this time Briggs, Hirsch, and the entire team repeated the daily mantra’ LETS GO CHAMP”. While many in the boxing world had written Briggs off, Hirsch always considered Briggs a champion and they used the camp mantra” Let’s go champ” to greet each other daily.

The phrase went from something to tell the guys in training camp to a buzz-worthy inspirational slogan that has today become a dedicated brand and an inspiration that unites people in today’s divided world.

Briggs and Hirsch have teamed again to bring the” let’s go champ” brand and message to all of those struggling or needing motivation. In its latest incarnation, “let’s go champ” has caught on well beyond the boxing camp set up by Hirsch and Briggs. Celebrities and athletes around the globe including Dave Chapelle, Snoop Dog, Floyd Mayweather. Justin Bieber, Anthony Anderson, Logan Paul, and Richard Sherman are among the most recognizable names that have incorporated the motivational mantra of “Let’s Go Champ” into their daily lives.

To satisfy an increasing demand for the Lets Go Champ merchandise, Hirsch and Briggs have started an Instagram store at Lets Go Champ and on the website